Did you grow up dreading the sight of boiled brussels sprouts on the dinner table? Brussels sprouts can be prepared in many different ways to change the texture and enhance the flavor. These little bites are packed full with nutrients. They can provide your body with vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, folate, and iron.(1) Preparing them in different ways brings out their flavor in a way that will make you see these nutritious veggies in a new and improved light.
    Servings Prep Time
    4 17 minutes
    Cook Time
    12-14 minutes
    Servings Prep Time
    4 17 minutes
    Cook Time
    12-14 minutes
    1. Rinse the brussels sprouts, trim off the end, and cut them in half.
    2. Turn on the broiler function of your oven.
    3. In a large bowl put the halved brussels sprouts. Drizzle olive oil over the top of the brussels sprouts. Mix the brussels sprouts and oil so that there is a thin layer of oil evenly over all of the brussels sprouts.
    4. Evenly spread the brussels sprouts on a large sheet pan.
    5. Sprinkle black pepper over the pan so that all of the brussels sprouts have a little bit of pepper.
    6. Put the pan in the oven, on the broiler setting for approximately 12 minutes. Stir the after 6 minutes. Be sure to watch them so they don’t get too dark based on your oven!
    7. Once the brussels sprouts are brown, remove them from the oven.
    8. Sprinkle the shredded parmesan cheese over the roasted brussels sprouts.
    9. Return them back to the oven for approximately 2 minutes, or until the cheese is melted and golden brown.
    Recipe Notes

    Recipe Notes:
    Line your baking sheet with aluminum foil for an easy clean up!

    I like to smash the brussels sprouts after they are done roasting to flatten them out. Then once I add the parmesan cheese they become even more crispy after the cheese is melted.

    This vitamin-packed side dish pairs great with really any protein – I like baked chicken or salmon especially! Or sometimes I will pair it with spaghetti and tomato sauce in place of plain old parmesan added to the top of your pasta. It adds a crispy, cheesy, and salty flavor that is to die for!



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